Friday, October 10, 2014

October? What?

Oh, hello there, October...where did you come from?  We've already completed an awesome weekend trip to Chicago (Wheaton 10 year reunion!), and Luke's birthday has come and gone.  Now I can say I have a 4, 3, and 2 year old, instead of the longer "Luke will be 3 in October, and Liz turned 2 in August."  (Wait for it...why yes, I did have two 2-year-olds)

Our life is still crazy.  It's very hard not to consider all the things I should have done differently, or ponder what I did not know when I made our schedule, like the fact that my class has twice the grading compared to what I've taught in the past.  All these little things have added up to what feels like a crazy juggling act on my part. 

Instead, I'm trying really hard to work with what I have, right now, and make it a little less crazy.  We've rearranged Katie's preschool schedule to free up one morning, and I'm starting to say no (instead of yes) to everything again.  Sorry, choir, maybe next semester.

It boils down to this really challenging attempt to live and love each day for what it is.  My constant temptation is to 'get through it' until things get better, but I'm reminded of the old woman's gift--a top that speeds up life.  As the young man uses it to get through the 'bad' parts of life, he finds that all of sudden, he has reached the end of life without actually living it.

These days of high-pitched loud noises are the days God wants me to live right now, and why would I give up this lovely opportunity to practice patience and grace towards my children?  Ha ha.  More like a reminder of how God's mercies are new every morning, and we all get to try again tomorrow.