Saturday, September 28, 2013

Before I forget

I guess I left you hanging a little last weekend, since I had only gotten through one of our three events.  #2 was a ministry event for Wings (  We visit different prisons around NM and put on a party for the inmates and their families.  It's always the same schedule--opening games and singing, a Bible story (Anne's favorite is Noah and the Ark), craft time for the inmates and their children and discussion for the families, then food and more games. 

It's always amazing to see the families together.  Some of them haven't even seen each other or interacted in years, and even if they visit regularly, the parties are a much more relaxed atmosphere than regular visiting.  Now that I'm not nursing a child, David and I take turns helping out at the parties (no volunteer children allowed).  While it's not easy to spend one of our weekend days apart, it's always encouraging to help these families have a chance to spend a weekend day together. 

They are always looking for more volunteers and support, so if you're in the Albuquerque area and are interested in serving, let me know! 

The membership lunch at church was the last thing on our weekend plate, and it was pretty low-key.  We weren't in charge of anything, just helping, and it was fun to see the variety of food for the potluck.  So, we survived, and it's been nice to have not much planned this weekend.  Except for a 5K race!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Back!

When I shared yesterday's post on Facebook, I wrote that I felt like Lucy coming out of the wardrobe, shouting "I'm back, I'm back!"  I told my parents that we didn't have internet because my mom has been working on a business card for me, but other than that, I don't think anyone knew I was 'gone.' 

Three days is not that long to be off the internet, but I did begin to feel a little worried about missing something important.  I began wondering if I'd remembered to pay the bills (which we do almost exclusively online), and of course, who knew what was being sent to my email!

No referral files, in case you're wondering.

There were less important things too, like not being able to check with weather before my run, the recipes I mentioned yesterday, and needing to look up a stretchy bind-off for my latest knitting project.  At least I got a lot of knitting done, although again, I couldn't watch Star Trek while I knit because, ah, no Amazon Instant Video. 

I'm supposed to do some kind of media fast in both of the Bible studies I'm doing this semester, so this has been a good dry run.  It's amazing how many times I found myself sitting down at the computer, only to find I couldn't do the things I normally do.  With a little more intentionality to this endeavor, I may find that limiting the internet would actually be an improvement to our lives.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our internet went out on Sunday.  To be exact, it was actually our DSL modem that went out, and when David tried four stores and couldn't find one, we were stuck waiting for a new one to come in the mail.

It was quite disconcerting to be so disconnected from everything.  I actually had a pending Etsy order, so I hauled my printer over to my sister's so I could print out the shipping label.  My cooking plans were sabotaged by my lack of access to the recipes I chose online (David said, at one point, "What did you use for recipes before you had the internet?").  Yes, I have cookbooks--I just hadn't planned on using them.  :) 

But life continued, and now we're back, fully connected with the world again!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

One down, two to go

This weekend is busy for us.  Although I didn't necessarily plan on having all these things on one weekend, now that we're a third of the way through it, it doesn't seem too bad. 

Last night I provided desserts for a special event at our church.  Give Her Life is a relatively new ministry focused on the problems of gendercide--basically the devaluation, infanticide, and fetecide of girls.  The organizer showed a film about the problem in India and China, and while the film was very well made, it was pretty devastating.  I kept thinking how blessed I and my sisters and my daughter are to be in the US.  I probably wouldn't be here if our family was Chinese, and while I might have survived in India, there's no guarantee.

Right now Give Her Life is focused on research and awareness of the problems, but eventually they are hoping to provide business and educational opportunities for women.  If a woman is educated and able to earn money, there's a better chance she will be valued in her community.

Here is the website if you're interested in learning more:

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the desserts.  :)  We served a little shot glass of Chocolate Truffle Mousse, a little cookie with white chocolate pastry cream, caramel drizzle, and toffee bits, and a pastry bite with lemon curd and a blueberry on top.  They were very well received. 

Now, I'm on my way to a Wings prison party, and then tomorrow we're helping out with the membership lunch.  One down, two to go!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Word-little Wednesday.

Wordless is a stretch for me...but I like the picture ideas for busy weeks.  :)  Especially when you have such great subjects!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have this idea that eventually, I will figure out structures and habits that make my life run more smoothly.  I will wake up in the morning and have a plan in place for the day that gets everything done that needs doing.  Meal planning is part of it--there's nothing like the 4PM panic of not know what will be on the table for dinner--and I've been trying out a daily list of cleaning tasks so my floors don't get too nasty.  The next big thing is adding Katie's "school" into the mix.  She won't be 4 until February, but she's definitely ready for something a little more structured. 

This quest has been ongoing, but I especially feel some pressure as I consider the addition of a third child.  As always, I wonder if I'd feel differently if we were birthing another child.  I guess I'd have a better idea of what to expect with an infant, and I've done it twice before.  With adoption, it's so hard to know what the transition period will be like, not to mention the special needs aspects.  Who knows how many surgeries or what kind of therapy she'll need?

I have this idea that if my normal life runs like clockwork, I won't have to think about keeping it going while I deal with this new addition.  (insert maniacal laughter)

Is that such an unreasonable expectation?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Multiplying and Dividing

Have you ever noticed how some things just tend to multiply without any effort on your part?  I remember the first time I bought a mug.  David and I were just married, living in a tiny efficiency suite at his officer training.  The kitchen was smaller than our current guest bathroom and consisted of a microwave, a small fridge, and a tiny sink.  I think we may have bought it so I could drink my coffee in a mug, or maybe for microwaving water. 

I've bought very few mugs since then--maybe just the ones that came with our dish set.  And yet, my mug cupboard is overflowing, despite my recent purge on behalf of my sister.  I doubt I will ever buy another mug in my life, and I'm confident I will have to do more purges to keep them under control. 

I have also bought hangers once in my life, and through various events and circumstances, I now have hundreds of them.  When salespeople ask if I want the hanger, I politely say no thank you. 

Pens and hair-things, on the other hand, must have specific black holes that follow them around and swallow them up.  I don't even want to consider how many I've bought in my life, and how many more I will need to purchase.  My hair-things tend to hang around for longer periods now, but Katie's take on a life of their own and must wander off to foreign lands.  At least pens have the excuse of sometimes running out of ink, but I know I have lost more than I've used up. 

What tends to multiply or disappear in your house?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filling Up the Time

September always seems to be a very transitional month to me.  Even when I was in school, September was filled with getting the new schedule down and settling in, watching fall finally breeze its way past summer, and switching out to the appropriate wardrobe. 

Our fall transition was postponed by a lovely week-long visit with the grandparents, but this week has been focused on all the things I've signed up for and committed to--like teaching my class (very important to remember) and making it to Katie's new gymnastics time (today! not Friday!).  We'll have it all down by October.  

I find myself looking at our calendar and wondering whether I have overloaded our schedule, but then I remind myself that a) at least the time will go by faster and b) we have purposely planned very little next semester in preparation for our trip to China.  A friend mentioned the importance of scheduling seasons of rest to balance out busy times.  Unless there's a miraculously fast timeline to our adoption, we probably won't be traveling until the spring, which gives us a space--a season--after Christmas to rest and prepare for the upheaval of our life.  

I would gladly trade that for a miraculously fast timeline, though!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Too fast

When Luke was a baby, it was hard for me to imagine him as a little boy.  I'm not sure why, especially since I had a toddler hanging around already (granted, she was a girl, but still).  And now it's here--he really is a little boy. He loves trains.  Here he is watching the trains at our local gardens, and the highlight of his week with the grandparents was riding the train to Santa Fe. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy having fun!

I try not to let too many days go by without writing a blog post, partly so you don't forget about me and partly so I don't forget about you.  Blogging seems to be one of those things where the longer you leave it, the harder it gets to get back to it.  I've been quiet on here because we've been busy in life--Grandpa and Grandma are here!  There are so many things to do while they are here visiting, which leaves me a bit tired for writing.  We enjoyed a hike at the Rio Grande Nature Preserve for Labor Day and had ribs in the park for our church picnic, spent some time hanging out with Aunt Susie, and visited the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens.  We've still got a train ride to Santa Fe planned (Luke is still deeply in the locomotion phase), along with a few other things.  Maybe I'll post some pictures at the end of the week with our favorites.  :)