Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filling Up the Time

September always seems to be a very transitional month to me.  Even when I was in school, September was filled with getting the new schedule down and settling in, watching fall finally breeze its way past summer, and switching out to the appropriate wardrobe. 

Our fall transition was postponed by a lovely week-long visit with the grandparents, but this week has been focused on all the things I've signed up for and committed to--like teaching my class (very important to remember) and making it to Katie's new gymnastics time (today! not Friday!).  We'll have it all down by October.  

I find myself looking at our calendar and wondering whether I have overloaded our schedule, but then I remind myself that a) at least the time will go by faster and b) we have purposely planned very little next semester in preparation for our trip to China.  A friend mentioned the importance of scheduling seasons of rest to balance out busy times.  Unless there's a miraculously fast timeline to our adoption, we probably won't be traveling until the spring, which gives us a space--a season--after Christmas to rest and prepare for the upheaval of our life.  

I would gladly trade that for a miraculously fast timeline, though!

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