Friday, March 25, 2016

To Love and Serve Each Other

When we were talking about post adoption schedules, I asked David not to travel for the first six months after Titus came home.  Sadly, we've gotten a few dry runs in the last few weeks because David has been hit with two illnesses that left him in bed.  Suffice to say I discovered my grasp on functional was tenuous at best.  We have soldiered through and even managed to get most of the places we were supposed to, but it has been rough.  The kids have also been sick off and on, but in some ways, it makes the days easier (Sprite! Bob the Builder! no packing lunch!).  Of course, it doesn't help my stress levels to be wondering if this is the illness that will send us to the emergency room, but with two in-family doctors and a nurse, I tend not to go that far.

Easter has snuck up a little bit on us, but Katie would never let us miss our annual Maundy Thursday traditions.  It was so sweet to see Titus take his first turn at foot washing.  We are looking forward to continuing this tradition for many more years.  (We've learned our lesson--no more bowls!)

David (who was still sick) fell asleep while we were listening to the Upper Room Discourse from John, so we headed back to the bedroom to hang out and ended up doing an impromptu photo session.  I have got to take pictures more often!


Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy Family Day!

Yesterday we celebrated Lizzie's family day.  It's hard to believe it's been two years since this little baby was placed in our arms!

And two years later...she brings a great deal of joy and laughter to our house, and we love her so much!
Her favorite things to play with are her "pigs" and her siblings.  Here she is reciting the Lord's Prayer (and let me tell you, she NEVER talks that quietly at home):