Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Waters

Fantasy novels often use the construct of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) in their world-building efforts.  As a kid I knew that a) I could totally nail whatever fantasy world I was sent to if it ever happened to me, and b) if I had to choose an element, it'd be water.  The whole "I don't really like swimming" doesn't fit, but if I could control it, then maybe I'd like it more.  And there are many aspects of water that I do like.  As I studied chemistry, it sealed the deal for me.  (Water is very cool from a molecular standpoint)

Perhaps this is why water metaphors seem to fit well in my life.  Last fall really felt like I was going down a raging river, trying to keep my head above the water (one of the reasons it was hard to sit down and blog).  Still getting used to three kids, teaching a class for the first time, back to our regular schedule...I may have tried to do a little too much.  :)

My Christmas break was a bit of calm, and you know, kids do eventually get older, stop yelling at each other all the time, and start playing together in a somewhat cute fashion.  So our spring semester was a bit less underwater and more like riding down the river in a raft.  Still raging, still rapids, but at least I had a paddle and could do a little navigating.  We enjoyed a few family visits, had some people over for dinner, and I got to take a trip (by myself!!) to a friend's wedding. 

But having something(s) every single day of the week is relentless, and we have finally reached the end of the rapids.  As I lean back in the raft and breathe a sigh of relief, I'm looking forward to a summer with very few outside responsibilities.  Teaching is done, preschool is done, sunday school is done...which is fine, since I have quite a few projects planned before #4 shows up.

And blogging is up there--there was a good chance my next post would be a picture of our little guy, but like many things, it's not hard to begin again if you just sit down and do it.  

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