Saturday, October 24, 2015

More progress

I feel like it's very rare these days to be in the position where you go out and check the mail every day, hoping for a letter (especially one from Homeland Security!).  Most of the time we know what's coming, because we are the ones who ordered it.  You may get surprise packages or letters now and then, but the anticipation is missing there too.  

We were waiting for our I-800 provisional approval letter, and it arrived in the mail this week!  Our next anticipated letter is the visa application approval for Titus.  After that comes Article 5 submission (in China at the US Consulate there), and then Travel Authorization is next.  Yikes!

It's been a little different this time around, though, because we really can't leave until I give my final on December 10.  When we were chasing papers with Liz, I think we hit every major holiday in China and the US between December and March.  This time, we've made great progress, but there is so much less pressure to (attempt) to move things along.  Unless we run into major snags, I think we may get TA with a couple weeks to spare!  

I'd still like to get a few things done around the house before Titus comes, but I think that's been a little different too.  Last time there was some expectation on my part that doing certain things (organizing, decluttering, etc.) would help me prepare for Liz's arrival.  I'm not sure it really helped that much, and things were still crazy for a while after she got home.  So while sorting through the books and toys might make things marginally less messy in January, I'm focusing on more important priorities right now. 

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