Monday, April 28, 2014

Operation Preschool

While we consider whether to put Katie in some kind of preschool for the fall, I'm working on a few items for our homeschool/preschool...

Most importantly, we bought a nice bookshelf for storing/organizing all the homeschool stuff!  Always good to start out organized...

These will eventually be frogs and toads (for counting/math activities).  

Katie is sorting the shells into big and little--I drew a small circle on the paper for her to size them.

I was thinking of getting a basic all-in-one preschool/pre-K workbook for her to use, but they are all designed for right-handed letter formation.  Annoying.  So I'll have to find a left-handed writing workbook for her, and then decide whether to still get an all-in-one workbook for the rest of the activities, or just gather up some different things.  

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