Monday, June 16, 2014

Three months

Three months!  And that's three months since we got home with Liz (we were in China with her for almost 2 weeks).  

She's changed a lot since then.  We hear lots of laughing, words, and playing around with the kids.  We've got bedtime routines down (although she still wakes up), and our mealtime routines are getting better too.  I feel like she understands a lot more of what we say, which makes it easier to give her instructions--whether she follows them or not is another story, of course.  And it's definitely not all peaches and cream...she's currently pitching a fit because I said she had to wait...

...and we're back.  :)  We're getting settled into our summer.  I've started knitting again (yay!) and attending my weekly bible study.  Katie started summer school (sniff!) and has been enjoying that a lot.  Luke and Liz get some fun time to play together (lots of banging on blocks, tubs, and pots), and it's a little easier to run errands with two kids.  

And let me tell you about the words!  Liz has ear tube surgery scheduled for this Thursday, and when we first saw the doctor about it, I thought we wouldn't be hearing many words till at least after that.  But I'd say she knows at least 20 words right now, and even more, she will try to copy new words when we say them.

My favorite words are "up" and "help."  She has trouble saying h and l sounds, so they sound very similar, but at least when she starts fussing, we can coach her to use one of them.  Her least favorite word from us is "wait," especially when it relates to food, but really about anything (see above).

A little story to close with...David sings "Down To The River To Pray" to Liz when he puts her to bed.  Today we were driving in the car, and Liz started saying "Dada, Dada!"  I was pretty confused, until I realized "Down To The River To Pray" was playing.  So sweet!

My newest model for the shop.

First day of summer school!

Why you do this to me?

Oh, that's why!

Hiking in the foothills.

Time for monster game!

My little man.

Someone learned how to get up the slide!

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