Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Blogging Convergance

I knew if I didn't start writing about the last six months, it would never happen, and that interesting chapter of my life would fade away into confused memories.  But, I also kind of forgot that my life is crazy right now.  The whole kids/husband/house/cooking/teaching/knitting-so-I-don't-go-crazy-and-maybe-I'll-post-what-I've-knit-on-my-shop/oh-and-sleep mix is still quite in flux.  

Last Wednesday a friend and I were commiserating over our inability to even find time to sit down and think about how to make our lives less crazy.  We are doing a study based on Ann Voskamps' book, "One Thousand Gifts," and last week was specifically about getting off the crazy train and enjoying every moment as they come.  Hah.  

For the next post in the story line to happen, I need the convergence of time, energy, and coherent thought.  That last one seems to be in short supply and high demand when you have three kids.  What am I saying...they all are.  :)

While I ponder (and try to remember what happened next), I'll leave you with this song.  My sister got me a ticket to see Keith and Kristin Getty in concert over the weekend.  It was incredible (if you have the chance to see them, do not hesitate), and this is one of the songs they sang.

My day-to-day functions feel deeply mired in the mundane...the minutiae of caring for small children, or a house, or a job, or whatever fills your life can be overwhelming.  It is a challenge to remember that woven through and in the mundane is the profound truth of God.  It is stunning to consider this:  the worth of something is measured in the price that was paid, and the price paid for my little life was the blood of Jesus Christ.  

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