Friday, July 31, 2015

Adoption Update

Even though things have been pretty quiet here on the blog, we've continued to make progress in the adoption.  I'll warn you now, we're getting close to this stage where we may or may not be matched but can't really share it on the internet yet.  But we have added a few more steps to our timeline!

March 5:  Application sent to AAC, homestudy started
April 5:  All documents sent to AAC
May 5:  Homestudy completed
May 7:  USCIS received I-800A Application
May 19:  Fingerprinting appt date received
Jun 3:  Fingerprinting appt
June 9:  I-800A Approval Notice received
July 9:  Documents to China  (DTC)
July 21:  Logged in to Chinese system (LID)

 Yes, we are LID, and that does mean the next step is matching with our son and waiting for our Letter of Acceptance (LOA)!  The LOA wait is listed as 60-90 days, but I've heard of much shorter (ours was 27 days with Liz) and up past 100 days.  I have to keep reminding myself that it will be very challenging to travel when I'm teaching a lecture class!  So we are still looking at somewhere around Christmas or after.

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