Sunday, January 31, 2016

Surgery Tomorrow

All week I've been thinking, "I wish the surgery was tomorrow!"  Now, that is finally true.  We've had one last week of almost normal before we go back to not normal (maybe never normal?) for a while.  The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, starting around 7:30 and lasting about 3 hours.  The surgeon is planning to repair part of Titus' lip and hard palate.  This is a slight change from his original plan, so now he is thinking we may only be in the hospital one night instead of two.

A song by Jars of Clay has been in my mind often over the last week.  We have been so blessed by people who have offered to help with the kids, with meals, with prayers, and with whatever else we might need.  I'm sure that if David needed to work this week, we would have been covered.  I'm just so grateful for the family God gives us through His church.  We could not do this on our own, and while it's true that God gives us strength, I love that He provides such tangible offerings of His grace and mercy.  In Philippians 1:3, Paul writes, "I thank my God every time I remember you."  And we thank God for every one of you, near and far, who is supporting us in this adventure.  Praise Him!

I took a slew of pictures this afternoon, knowing that sweet little smile will change tomorrow.  There was one look in particular that I hope will survive the surgery--when he scrunches up his nose, it looks so cute.  It only took 19 pictures to capture it, and every one was adorable!  I leave you with a few...

He's already mastered a great eye roll...very helpful.  

I don't understand why you want a specific look...don't I always look cute?

How about a big smile instead?

How about a shot of my tongue?

Oh it is.  So cute!!

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