Sunday, May 28, 2017

Change on the Horizon

I knew it was going to be something BIG that nudged me to start blogging again.  I haven't for over six months now...I can say things have gotten a lot better mentally and emotionally for me, but I still have four kids.  7 and under.  They take up a lot of time. 

So why now?

We are moving to Cleveland, OH.  In a month.

I've had about two weeks for that to become less surreal, and it's time to make it internet-official.  The short story is that we are ready to move closer to family, and with a husband that grew up in the military, some of us were kind of ready for a change.  Like going from two to six isn't change enough...

Of course, it's 8:30 and I'm already overwhelmed by everything there is to say about this move.  How I came from basically refusing to even consider moving to now.  The ways God has provided already as we prepare.  The things I'm excited about.  The things I'm worried about.  How the kids are doing.  All the things we'll miss.  And I should really finish packing the china cabinet.

So I'll leave you with some things to pray about:

--wisdom as we continue making decisions about the move (like where to live)
--patience, strength, and endurance as we attempt to pack up our house and get it on the market by the end of June
 --blessings for the kids as they make this transition (especially for Liz)
--comfort and peace as we pull up eight years of roots and say goodbye to friends

 And if you know anyone who lives in north-east Cleveland (Shaker Heights-ish area?), we'd love some on-the-ground insights!


  1. I will pray that your house sells quickly, the move goes smoothly, and you find the perfect place to live in Cleveland-adventures ahead!!!!