Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the Oven

I'd forgotten what it's like to walk around in an oven, which is what it feels like here in Tucson. I think the high was supposed to be 102. Why, you may ask, have I left my wonderful new home in ABQ to visit Tucson? Well, although it's fun to see everyone now that I'm not super busy trying to finish up, and I'm hoping the sight of my face and my paper in hand will remind my advisor that I would like to publish someday, I really came to see Elsa. She was an undergrad who worked with me for her junior and senior year. She's very bright and inquisitive, hard-working, and in my mind, destined for grad school. And, she just finished her first year at the University of Alberta! I'm really proud of her for following her dream. She's back visiting her family for a few weeks, so I figured the least I could do is come see her and hear about her first year. :)
I'm also here to get my last haircut from Tanya--she was our admin for a few years, and then she started training at the Aveda Institute in Tucson. I got my first grown-up haircut from her (first time in a salon since I was a sophomore in college), and I'll try to post some after pictures tonight!

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  1. The heat index here in Illinois is supposed to be between 100 and 105 degrees all this week and into next week as well--and remember, ours is a WET heat! I feel so incredibly blessed to have central air conditioning.