Friday, June 19, 2009

Almost Ready for Guests!

David is on a new schedule which allows him to take every other Friday off. He works nine hour days M-Th, eight hours the first Friday, and takes the next Friday off. We started our day with a trip to Lowes--silly me, I thought they'd open at nine. But in fact, we missed the opening by about three hours. Two gallons of paint later, I was at work painting the spare bedroom. I like the way it looks, and it'll be even better once we put get all the furniture from Grandmother in the room. We'll be ready for guests! (hint hint)
We've met one of our neighbors who live across the street--Marshall and Alicia. They are participating in the neighborhood yard sale and were able to hook us up with some yard implements. David put them to good use while I painted. He's trying to decide the best way to deal with the sides of the house...probably black plastic and lots of rocks are in the future. In the meantime, our cockroach problems have diminished a lot, which is encouraging.


  1. Okay, so maybe not a goth theme, but if you put waves along the bottom and clouds near the top with some sea gulls, you could have a very nice Moby Dick theme coming along...

  2. It's really surprising how much the red in the carpet makes the paint look blue. I think it's great.