Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking Control

Some of you may have heard that our house was occupied when we moved in. The occupying force consisted of German Cockroaches (see Exhibit A). God was definitely watching out for us, because rather than fog the house (which would have been ineffective), our termite guy showed up in the nick of time and took care of everything. They're pretty nasty, invasive creatures that require a multi-step attack plan. He's sprayed, dusted, trapped, and baited, and we hardly see them at all now.
We tried staying here two nights after we arrived, but David woke up with one crawling on his arm. We finally moved back two weeks later, but we've been sleeping with the bed in the middle of the room. Last night, I finally moved it back. Yay!Because the roaches can colonize cardboard boxes, we had to unpack everything pronto. But since they also colonized the kitchen, we didn't want to put anything in there. Thankfully we have two pantry areas and jammed everything in there--if you ever wondered if unpacking is the same as putting away, it's not.
But, today we lined our shelves (which were sticky from the contact paper) and I started putting things away!
We had a corner cabinet in our old house too, and just like there, I find these long sprawling cabinets work great for my random pans. Next to the baking sheets and muffin tins, the stack is made up of a pie pan, rose bundt pan, tart pan, springform pan, and small cake pan. The one next to it is a 10"x3" cake pan that I use to cook cheesecake (someday I'll post about it...I'm quite particular about my cheesecake).
I'll have to make room for my other five cheesecake pans too. :) Those are from Sarah's wedding--I made 15 cheesecakes, all in one day!

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