Sunday, June 21, 2009

Missing Pictures

I'm afraid I missed the best photo-ops today--David sticking his head out of the attic cubbyhole, David pulling up stuff from the disposal (note to self: don't put spinach down the disposal), and our new friends from church. I'll have to remember to keep my camera close at hand.

Today was our fourth sunday and fourth church visit. We had two options: Northside Church and New Covenant Church. Both started at 10:30, but we ended up at Northside because it was closer (David was tying his tie, we were trying to find some missing paperwork...). I'm very glad God brought us there this week. As we introduced ourselves to the pastor's wife and explained that we just moved, she exclaimed that another young couple had just arrived in ABQ yesterday from Illinois and were visiting as well. Of course, I claimed my geographical heritage at once and she took me over to meet them. Libby ended up being super-nice and really easy to talk with. She grew up near Decatur (point for her favor!) and her father has settled in Arthur (the salami incident rose unbidden from my memory...). Her husband Sam is a chiropractic intern and she's a teacher. Although she's working at the school attached to the church, they were encouraged to look around by the pastor. I mentioned we were going to New Covenant next week, so perhaps we'll see them there. I do think we'll see them again--we exchanged phone numbers and the intention to have dinner at some point.

As far as the church went, I think it's the best sermon we've heard so far. He's been preaching through Matthew (verse-by-verse), and although it was long, he had a really nice speaking style and some good points. The worship was good, especially for a guy and a guitar, and we even sang The Solid Rock. Downsides? Again, we've ended up at a small church--maybe thirty people in the service, although there were probably about twenty kids. :) Next week should be interesting--I'm pretty sure New Covenant is bigger.

Our homeownership joys continued this weekend. We've been discussing what needs to happen next (and what we can afford...where's that tax credit?). The swamp cooler has turned out to be pretty inefficient, so I think we're going to have someone out to look at the AC unit. If it's just a repair job, it'd be well worth it. Even if it's not, we'd like to know what's wrong and what we need to do to fix it. Sunk costs for the next month include our furniture from KY (yay!) and our first mortgage payment. Still on the list (in no particular order):

China Hutch (and matching dining room set? it'd be nice to coordinate them, but we don't REALLY need room for eight yet)

As you can see, some of those would be considered 'needed' and some 'wanted'. I'll keep you posted!


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  2. Well, first off I have to say that I love the parenthetical notes all the time. I am like the queen on parenthesis, so thumbs up! Also, I just like your writing style. You should have started a blog a while ago, but I guess now is when you have the time. Isn't being a stay-at-home wife great? I love it! I just need to find a husband to make the title a bit more realistic...