Saturday, November 21, 2015

The List

TA:  Check!
Consulate date:  Check!
Tickets:  Check!

The countdown has begun.  No dates on the blog (sorry), but it's getting close.  And thankfully, some of the big things on my plate are winding down as well.  Tomorrow we will begin handing out the Jesse Tree project to families, and my class only has three weeks left.  I'm beginning to think about what all I want to finish before we leave for China.  Yikes!  There's really just one thing on my must-do list:  The blanket.

Over a year ago, I began knitting a blanket with some of the sock yarn scraps that I've collected.  It's so beautiful that I decided to finish it up for Titus.  It only took me about a year to get halfway through it, so of course, I ended up with about 8 weeks to finish it.  :)  It's a little smaller than I planned, but out of 121 squares, I have only 36 left.

I ended up finishing Liz's blanket on the train to Guangzhou, but with all those little pieces, I can't really be hauling Titus' blanket around China trying to finish at the last minute. 

I have a few other things I'd like to tackle, like our freezer took at least 3 months before I could really cook in the kitchen when Liz was around.  I'd like to sort through our toys and get rid of all the detritus that's accumulated in the bottom of their bins...the less cleaning, the better!  And speaking of cleaning, it's been a low priority this semester, so it'd be nice to do a thorough deep clean on the house before things get even more crazy.  Mostly, though, I'm focusing on not getting too stressed and trying to enjoy the holidays before we leave. 

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