Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adoption and the Shop

(Yes, we are waiting still.  You can pray for a nice big batch of partner files to arrive at our agency.)

I'm pretty excited to announce my first targeted fundraiser for someone who is adopting.  It'll start this Friday, so check back here or on the shop Facebook page ( to find out more details then!

When David and I were talking about bowing out of the craft fair, he pointed out that I was starting to take it a little too seriously.  I had intended to just go with what I have and see what it's like (doing it for the experience), but then I started trying to figure out how much product I'd need to hit certain profit points and setting some very challenging goals...well, my perfectionist tendencies kicked in.

I was definitely straying from my original intentions for this shop--another discussion David and I had.  When I first started talking about starting an etsy shop, I had a couple ideas in mind:
  • have an outlet for my knitting energy
  • make back the money from my initial yarn investment  :)
  • make a little extra money for our adoption
  • have fun (which almost got lost in my 'very challenging goals')
Honestly, these probably aren't the best "business" platform for anything, but they were enough to get me started.  Once I started, they changed just a little.  It didn't take long for me to add these:
  • Raise money for adoption grants (50% of the total sales from the shop)
  • Use the shop to help other people who are adopting to raise money
We figured out a few weeks ago that we've reached our savings goal for this adoption.  We don't know about a second adoption for us at this point (just too early), but I've always been taught that we're blessed to be a blessing, and I hope my shop will bless families long after ours has been blessed by adopting.

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