Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Sometimes, it's nice to write things out just to process them.  Then I realize that my blog post is a bit long and probably more complicated than needed, and I start over.

I'm super excited because I get to visit my baby niece at the end of the month!  We have started an endowed scholarship at Wheaton College (my alma mater), and November 2 is the annual dinner for donors.  I've been invited to share a letter that I wrote to some donors, and since a) my new niece will be 3 weeks old (yikes!) and b) I don't know how many more times I'll get to see her before my brother and his wife abscond with her to far off lands, I'm hopping on a plane for a short weekend away. 

This decision was the result of much internal debate, because I'm going to have to cancel my appearance at the Holly Days Craft Fair.  

The truth is, there wasn't a wrong decision, but after discussing my debate with David, he pointed out that I was really making this into something complicated.  He helped me untangle some of my motivations for doing the craft fair, and we realized that they weren't really outweighing my desire to see my niece and attend the dinner.  Plus, David was beginning to feel my motivation and approach to the craft fair was tapping into my perfectionist tendencies, and he thinks those are a little unhealthy for me.  Possibly he might be right. 

So, I will pass up the opportunity to make a brilliant showing for Knit Us Together and actually enjoy the next month instead of knitting furiously in every free moment.  Then I'll have a fun weekend cuddling my niece and sharing my passion for Wheaton.  

My sister also pointed out yesterday that I could always sign up for a different craft fair...

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