Friday, October 18, 2013

Bring Her Home

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I'm doing my first targeted fundraiser for someone in our adoption group.  I've already realized that I should have put a link to the shop on the FB announcement, since I think it requires at least 3 clicks to get the actual shop.  I can't seem to edit the announcement, but I guess if people are going to buy or look, they can manage the three clicks.  Something to remember for next time.  :) 

Here's the announcement from the shop, along with the coupon code.  All YOU need to do is click the Etsy shop banner to the right and you'll get the shop. 

It's Feature Friday today, and we're doing something extra special--50% of your purchases for the next WEEK will be donated to AAC to help bring a very special girl home to her family!

1. The 10% off coupon code is "BRINGHERHOME"

2. Our Feature Friday is actually Feature Week--the coupon code is good through Friday, October 25.

3. You get 10% off, but 50% of the full price still goes to support the adoption.

4. Custom orders count! So if you see something in the sold orders that you like or want something in a different size, click that custom order button and let me know! 

Now to avoid compulsively checking my shop, email, and the post to see if there's any action...

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