Thursday, October 31, 2013

When Words Escape You.... pictures!  I have been thinking about what to post, and lots of things have been happening (not adoption things, unfortunately), but I sit down to write and I can't figure out what to say.  Actually, I haven't even been sitting down much because of my most recent knitting project, but I can't post pictures of that (yet) because it's a gift.  ;) 

So here are a few snap shots from my sister's visit.  We went up to the Jemez mountains, only to discover that all the national parks were closed (this was during the shut down).  Thankfully the YMCA campground let us park and picnic on their property. 

Here's Katie's understanding of the shutdown:

"So one guy says, 'let's do this,' and one guy says, 'let's do that,' and they can't agree.  And when one guy says, 'let's do this,' and the other guy says, 'yes, let's do this,' then they'll open the mountain back up!"

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