Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Aftermath

I made it home from my whirlwind weekend with my baby fix all fixed up for a while.  :)  I had forgotten how little and cozy 3-week-olds could be, and Mya is such a sweet, sweet little baby on top of that.  She had a few stretches were she was alert and looking around, but mostly she slept.  My brother and sister-in-law were gracious enough to let me hold her most of that time (well, during the day), and I even got her a few times after the grandparents arrived.  I didn't bring my camera (and failed to get the pics from Mom's), so I'll have to post pictures another time.  And I got the blanket done!

We also spent some time at Wheaton College--the other reason for my visit.  The campus was simply gorgeous with all the leaves turning colors.  It was a pleasure just to walk around and remember my time there, so full of good times. 

The main event was the endowed scholarship dinner.  I was a little jittery about reading my letter, but thankfully they put me right at the very beginning.  It went pretty smoothly, and of course it was very encouraging and uplifting to hear how God is working through the endowed scholarships at Wheaton.  I was able to meet my scholarship donors' daughter, and we also got to meet the student who received money from our scholarship!  :)  It wasn't much, but we're excited to see how God will use our scholarship as it grows.  

The only downside was the amount (or lack) of sleep that I got.  I took a nap yesterday and today, in addition to hitting the sack at 8:30 last night.  But I'm getting back to normal and beginning to consider a) what happened to October and b) how to best use November.  

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