Friday, November 22, 2013

The Magic Formula

Wednesday was a great day for the shop--I actually had my first stranger sale!  I also got a lot more hits than I normally do. 

But, I kind of feel the way I did when my kids were babies.  You know, the first night your child sleeps through the night, or doesn't have gas, or whatever you're hoping for--and you begin to rack your brain, piecing together each step in an effort to replicate it.  You're willing to eat ravioli with pumpkin sauce every night for the next week if it ensured a repeat performance, but is that what did it?  Was it the combination of the warm pack and the football hold, or the bouncing on the end of the bed whilst holding her upright?  There are just too many variables, and even if you did it exactly the same way, it still might not work. 

So back to Knit Us Together...was it the giveaway on Facebook?  Was it the three new listings I put up (the purchase was NOT one of those three)?  Was it listing them on Wednesday afternoon, which I've read is the 'sweet spot' for etsy browsing?  Was it just totally random?  Like my babies, I don't think I've ever know.  :)

Nonetheless, it was pretty exciting.  Going forward, I still think my best bet right now is to increase the number of listings.  Even if the one scarf that I have listed now is the one that's bought, I think it helps when a customer can make a choice from a series of options.  So hey, I should keep doing what I love--knitting more things! 

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