Friday, November 15, 2013

A Song of Comfort

Hymns were a big presence in my life as I grew up.  We often sang hymns around the breakfast table (eventually in parts!), and I can count many occasions when God used them to speak to me.

Although we usually sing at least one hymn in our church service, I feel like the breadth of hymns that I sing in a congregational setting has decreased dramatically.  I especially don't want Katie and Luke to miss out on this rich heritage, so we sing from the hymnal before going to bed every night. 

BTW, I am seriously considering taking an exacto knife to our old hymnal and just keeping the ones I know.  It gets pretty sparse at the back of the hymnal. 

Back to the adoption thing (waiting is annoying) can be very therapeutic for children, but one adoption book recommended that lots of different songs may be overwhelming if a child isn't used to it.  Instead, the authors suggest choosing one 'comfort' song to use for naps, bedtime, calming, etc. 

So, what song would you choose?  It needs to be one that is relatively soothing, not too complex, and most importantly, easy to sing over and over again.  I have mine for sure--my favorite hymn since I was a child--but I'm curious what you would pick!

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