Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Busy Week

Sometimes, I plan busy weeks to help stave off the impatience.  And sometimes, pork shoulder is $.99/lb.

I'm down to 10 lbs (that's about 38 lbs in the picture), but I'm definitely in the middle stages of this process.  I cooked about 10 lbs using the first carnitas recipe that I posted, but I still need to bag it and/or make some casseroles from it (enchiladas, probably). 

The second 10 lb hunk went to this recipe.  The verdict?  Of course a seasoned, broiled fat cap is insanely addictive...but the meat itself was so-so.  I'm debating how to use the leftovers without resorting to enchiladas.  I'm thinking some kind of pork ragu, just to mix up the cuisines a little.  I could probably make it into soup too.

The third 10 lbs went to pork bulgogi, which I consider much more addictive...so much so that I'll be making the last 10 lbs into the same thing.  I cubed the meat into large chunks, used 6 recipes of this marinade for about 8 hours, then put it in the crockpot overnight.  I pulled the meat out to cool and defatted/shredded it.  For the sauce, I strained off the fat, then cooked it down and added it to the shredded meat.  Delicious!

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