Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pork Carnitas, aka Mexican Pulled Pork

Before making Mexican-style pork shoulder, you need to ask yourself:  sweet or savory?  If you're not into the sweeter variety, steer clear of anything with orange juice.  A little brown sugar is great, but I prefer a more savory variety. 

If you're looking for over the top super simple, here's the recipe:

Mexican Pulled Pork

You don't even need to marinate or sear for a pretty delicious pile of meat, but I'm sure that would only make it taste better.  But if your pork has been thawed in the fridge for two days because it wasn't quite thawed before you left for a weekend trip, just getting it into the crockpot will turn out great.

I 'deglazed' the crockpot with a little hot water, then put the sauce in a separate container and chilled it so I could remove the fat.  I would serve this with some Mexican-style coleslaw and/or lime cilantro rice (aka Chipotle rice).  Since I didn't plan far enough ahead on Monday, we just ate it in burritos with some lettuce/salsa/cheese/etc.  It was still pretty good.

This one has more warm spices, which gives it a certain flavor.  Tomorrow I'll post another Carnitas recipe that's a little more complicated, little different flavor, but still delicious. 

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