Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All In

I made the call today to our agency, and our counselor said everything is on its way to US Immigration.  The clock kind of starts ticking now...3ish weeks at USCIS, then another 3-6 weeks until our travel authorization from China.  Yikes!

It's funny (of course) how we wish and hope for things to move more quickly, all the while mentally preparing for the long haul.  Now that we've skipped a few months, I'm actually feeling a little rushed.  Our holiday plans add even more of a pause to this time frame, and once we get into the New Year, it will be hard not to feel like things are moving too quickly.  I'm getting this feeling again, like I'll be swept off my feet.  All the things I'm thinking about...

...rearranging the rooms

...finding a minivan

...rereading "Parenting the Internationally Adopted Child"

...potty training Luke?

...what size clothes to wash for Elizabeth

...knitting a blanket for her

...organizing the freezer

...and so many other things.  In some ways, it's not that different from being pregnant.  :)  You plan this huge, life-changing event...and despite that moment when your life changes forever, the days go on.  We still throw ourselves on the mercy of God every day, and the day before we hold Elizabeth in our arms, and the day we meet her, and the day we fly home, and every day after that won't be any different in that regard.

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