Friday, August 22, 2014


The Peach Report:  We are a day away from clearing the peach tree.  Although not all of them are ripe, when it gets down this low, the gigantic green June bugs really mow through them.  I'm hoping to get enough for one last batch of peach jam.  Mmmmm.

The peaches swooped in and hijacked the blog, so I forgot to upload some of our recent adventures.  Here you go!

Washing the car!  Someone wanted to help...

...and two others were interested in a soapy bath.

My lab coat arrived in the mail, and Liz wanted to try it on.

"You'll need to memorize the entire periodic table of elements, along with all the atomic weights."

"Just kidding!"

We took our first trip to Krispy Kreme with the kids.  Brought back memories of my first trip...would you believe I ate six donuts?  I can barely make it through three now.  When the manager found out it was the kids' first time, she invited them back to the kitchen to make their own sprinkle donuts.

All geared up...

...and ready to go!

Chocolate dip and sprinkle bath.


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