Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Onslaught Has Abated

This has been my life for the last week.  I decided to keep track of all the peaches we processed this year, and we hit 400 peaches on Saturday.  At an average of 6 oz. each, that means we went through about 150 lbs of peaches.  I did that calculation three times to make sure it was right.  Cause that's a lot of peaches.  Now I feel more comfortable in saying we had over 1000 peaches on the tree, because we gave away a LOT of peaches (and ate a lot too!).  I still have a big bag of peaches in the fridge (hiding from the fruit flies).  Plus, out of sight, out of mind, because I am out of my mind with peaches.  :)

Sorted peaches.  In the front are eat/can peaches, in the back are pie/cobbler/peach butter peaches (bruised or slightly eaten), and in the bags are unripe peaches.  We have a lot more of those this year thanks to little hands who love to help!

The canning setup: peaches to peel, hot water for blanching, sugar syrup for canning, the "canner" pot (my stock pot), and lids in the back corner pot.

My last ditch effort when faced with a pile of peaches...peel and freeze.  Plus a bunch of peach pie bags and tubs of peach butter.  

6 pints peach salsa, 60 pints total canned slices, and lots of jam (peach, peach ginger, and peach raspberry).

Dried peaches, thanks to my friend's dehydrator.  So handy!  

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