Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peaches and Christian Character

Everything revolves around peaches right now.  Sorry.  My dreams, once again, involved canning peaches last night.  Given how many I've canned today, I'm sure I'll get a repeat tonight.  I wish so much that all of you distance readers could eat some.  Or take a bag.  If you are a local reader and like peaches, perhaps you should email me, text me, or call me.

I've started an online course through Ligonier Ministries.  Some of you will go, "huh?" and others will go, "oh, good old R.C."  R.C. Sproul has been a voice in my life since early childhood, thanks to my parents, and when I mentioned to my mom that I was looking for a more rigorous Bible study to do in the mornings, she suggested this:

The challenge level is between Sunday School and seminary (in her words), and it's been working out quite well.  I chose to begin with a course on developing Christian character, since that's been on my mind.  In the first lecture, R.C. talks about the three principal obstacles to Christian growth:  the world, the devil, and man.  I admit that at this point in my life, I view myself as the greatest obstacle to growth.

Case in point:  I don't think you all are properly imagining the immense number of peaches on our tree.  The overwhelming nature of trying to preserve them all.  The slight panic that edges over me every time I go out to pick peaches because it seems like we haven't picked at all (I'm sure at least 300 have come off the tree, and probably closer to 400).

But then someone comes and starts picking more than a bag (like I would...),and my sinful nature rears its head, and my pride and greed start whispering in my head.  "Those are my peaches!" "What if all the best ones are gone?" "What if there aren't enough for my other friends ME!"


Not to mention, it is (or should be) a delight to offer my best and most lovely to other people.  For them to take.  And this bounty is a gift from God in the first place...we have done mighty little to deserve this gorgeous harvest besides prune the blossoms and turn on the water occasionally.

So if I have offered peaches to you, and you are reading this, please come and take them, so I can practice spiritual growth.


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