Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

It seems appropriate to include an earlier and later picture (no before and after, unfortunately). I certainly feel like I've gotten a lot bigger. But once again, the pictures don't seem quite as bad as my view looking down. A few updates in the last two weeks:

1. I have officially complete my PhD. I even have a certificate of completion. That has not prevented me from wrestling over revisions to a paper we submitted this week. Thank goodness that's long as it's accepted.

2. I'm also employed. I'm teaching Intro to Chem lecture and lab at the community college. The lab should be easy...the lecture will require a lot more prep. I'm trying to find a balance between grading (trying to keep to a minimum) and getting the students to learn (aided by assigning homework, quizzes, etc.). Tomorrow I get the syllabus, but I'm armed with a large box of Dad's notes.

3. I was home for two weeks visiting my family. Although I was blessed in that I generally avoided feelings of morning sickness, my body got its revenge on Monday. Felt sick pretty much all day. :P

4. I'm posting a recipe for easy hash browns (and it doesn't involve a bag of hash browns) and sort-of chicken fettuccine alfredo in the next few days.

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