Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Other Baby

Today we got to hear our baby's heartbeat--the midwife said the heartbeat sounded very strong and that everything looks good! I occasionally wonder how our current 'baby' will handle our new baby. He thinks he's the center of our world, and it may be a rude awakening when he realizes that's not true. I'm talking about our cat, Pippin.
David had often talked about NOT wanting a cat, even though I've always had one growing up. Well, one day he surprised me while we were up in Tucson with a visit to PetsMart. I waited in the car with my eyes closed until he opened the door and I felt little paws on my legs. Pippin is part Russian Blue, which means he's extremely talkative. He's a beautiful blue gray, and so there was some talk about naming him Gandalf (since he was the gray wizard for a while)--we always name our cats from Lord of the Rings. But, considering his mischevious nature and constant appetite, we definitely picked the right name.
He was a huge help when we packed up our old house.And when I unpacked at the new house.He's adopted the fireplace as one of his haunts.He often tries to help when I'm working at the desk.
But his favorite spot is chilling on the back of the couch (if he's not in the laundry room, begging for food).

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