Saturday, May 4, 2013

Feed the Freezer

I love my freezer.  We always write an acrostic for Thanksgiving of things we're thankful for, and almost every year that I've had it, the freezer has made it on there.  It brings me great pleasure to open the door (it's a full-size upright, because I hate freezer diving) and see many meals, ready for a brief venture into the oven or microwave before serving my family.  This semester, though, I've been leaning pretty heavily on it for my teaching nights, and I just haven't found time (energy?) to put things back into it.  When I cook, I always try to make enough to freeze at least one extra meal, but I just haven't been cooking much freezer-friendly fare (stir fry...not friendly).  It's actually been kind of nice to sort through what's in there and eat some of the older things, but I'm getting to the point where I'm finding things I should probably just toss.  Like the Tuna Tortellini casserole that I just didn't like the first time...I don't expect it to taste better the second time around.
So I've got another project to add to my list--a two-parter, really.  I'm getting a little antsy about the low volume of ready meals, but I really should finish sorting through everything.  Once I sort through it all, I'll be able to see what raw materials I have, like ground beef and a whole turkey (or two).  At that point, it'll be a little easier to plan some meals around what I already have, and plan out some big cooking days.  I'd love to get to this started in May, but I already feel like the month is packed.  Does anyone else feel that way?

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