Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Small Discoveries

1.  Luke is at the age where he just wants to move all the time.  I don't think it's necessarily a boy thing, since I remember Katie did the same thing.  Apparently the best way to get him to slow down and cuddle is a very high fever.  He woke up on Thursday and Friday from his afternoon nap with a temp around 103, and all he wanted to do was lay on my lap.  Poor little guy.  Thankfully it's gone--I think it was just another side affect of that infernal teething. 

2.  One of David's gifts is his ability to think very creatively and outside the box.  It's probably one of the (many) reasons he's so good at his job.  I believe we might have the makings of another creative thinker in Katie.  Our couch and chair abut and form a little space between them.  At one point we had them spaced a little farther apart so Katie could hide there, but now they're close together so the kids can climb on the arms.  We had some balloons stuck back there where Katie couldn't reach, and when she started fussing about wanting them, I suggested to her that she find some way to get them out.  She found the broom, and if you think like me, you are thinking she used the broom to pull the balloons out.  Instead she used the broom to pry the chair and couch apart so she could crawl in and get the balloons herself.

3.  My pacing seems to suffer when I use the jogging stroller (no kidding, you say).  I discovered on Saturday that even if it is, my non-jogging stroller pace is conversely improving.  I have a 30 minute play list, and this weekend I finished my 3-mile run with a whole song to spare.  So I've gone from a 10-minute mile to a 9-minute mile.  Yay!  It will improve even more when I hit the sea-level plains of Illinois for a few runs.  Unfortunately, I know from experience that while it's awesome to run at sea-level when you're used to high altitude, it's not so nice coming back.

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  1. Excuse me, but Decatur is 682 feet above sea level!!!!! Sea-level indeed!