Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Projects

So, we're still waiting.  I feel like that's what you'll be reading for the next who knows how many months.  :)  I think we're close to finishing our homestudy, but it depends on some references getting in (outside our control to a certain extent).  We are finishing up the pictures this weekend, but we're still waiting to talk to our doctor about the medical special needs list.  I should ask my counselor if that's for their agency or for our dossier--if it's not for the dossier, it's not as pressing. 

In other news, my class is done!  I taught intro to chemistry at our local community college this semester.  It was the same class that I taught last semester, so most of my notes and homework were already done.  Even with the prep from last semester, lecture classes just take more work than lab classes.  I was also teaching two nights a week (instead of during the day), so dinner had to be ready pretty much when David walked in the door.  If I just had to show up and teach, this would be a dream job.  I really do love chemistry, and especially love seeing my students figure it out.  So while I'll miss the teaching part, I'm happy to put prep and grading aside till a later date.

Now that I'm done, I'm taking stock and thinking about some summer projects.  Oh, and I'm cleaning up all the piles that have piled up over the last month.  Here's a few things on my plate:

--Bible Memory Passage notebook:  Bible was the most important 'subject' in our home school curriculum.  We studied passages verse-by-verse and memorized them.  Although you could probably stand me up in my coffin and I'd still be able to recite Psalm 1 or Psalm 100, I'd be hard pressed to recite more than the first few verses of Hebrews (at one point, I could recite through Chapter 11...).  Although I'm excited to start the same program with Katie, she's probably at least 6 months away from it (if not longer).  In the meantime, I want to start brushing up on the passages I memorized.  Our family made a habit of reciting passages after supper, and my goal is to have a notebook with all my passages so we can start doing that too.

--Manipulatives for Katie:  I have some trusty homeschooling books from Mom, so I'm going to start with the math manipulatives from WorkJobs II.  I'd also like to go through some of the preschool craft books and find ones that are appropriate for Katie.

--More organizing:  Right now, we're making our living area the play area too.  David tells me about keeping all his toys in his room, but I don't think that would work as well with little kiddos.  We put one of the bookshelves back in Katie's room and replaced it with a bin/shelf organizer.  Now I need to figure out how to keep the top of Katie's play kitchen from being the catch-all pile place. 

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