Friday, May 10, 2013

Knitting for Patience (and Photos!)

There have been several scientific studies on the therapeutic benefits of knitting.  Most benefits are the same as any meditative activity, and I've certainly found that my stress levels decrease with regular knitting.  Although I can't say for sure, it also seems that when I don't knit regularly, my stress levels seem to increase.  I usually have two to three projects on needles:  a simple one for my knitting group (portable and doesn't require too much concentration), a second complex one for when the kids are asleep, and then a big one to pick up when I'm between projects (usually a blanket).  I finished my blanket a couple weeks ago, and the hat (complex) and skirt (simple) were finished last week.  Instead of picking up a new project (or three), I did a flurry of of my least favorite parts of knitting.  Lack of patience and increased stress go hand in hand, so I figured it was time to knit for patience.  I've cast on a lovely shawl/scarf using a 100% silk yarn that just glows.  :)

Here are some of the fruits of my finishing flurry (coming to an Etsy shop near you...someday...):

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