Friday, August 16, 2013

Etsy again!

Amidst everything else (I still haven't shared about Taos!), I've been trying to build up my etsy shop.

Just as an aside--how many of you would say 'grow my shop?'  I feel like the verb 'grow' has taken on some weird usages.  Grow my business? Grow a group? Plants grow, a farmer grows crops...anyway, it just sounds wrong to me sometimes.

Back to Etsy. Between the actual knitting, photos, listings, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., etc., it's a bit of time.  I definitely feel like this time is worth spending, especially now that 50% of the sales are going to fund grants through our agency.  But there are a few things I'm still considering as far as the shop goes.

Take a look at these pictures--which one would inspire you to buy that poncho?

Isn't she adorable!!  But what to do about privacy?  I could get a PO box, which I need to at least investigate.  I could also ask other friends to model, giving all the pictures a measure of anonymity--probably my best bet.  I could also, as David suggested, not worry about the ridiculously minute possibility that something bad would happen because of our lack of privacy.  :)

There's also the advertising.  I think I've about reached my 'reach' for subtly suggesting that people 'like' Knit Us Together on Facebook.  My mom suggested recruiting ambassadors to help spread the word, but as a solid introvert, the thought of doing that is a little nerve-wracking.  Maybe I'll give it another month or two.  :)

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