Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's That Time of The Year

I am a winter kind of girl.  I was talking with someone this weekend about the seasons, and I mentioned that I'd love to live somewhere that never gets over 70 degrees.  I love the winter wardrobe, the drinks, the food, the weather.  Incessant sunshine can get to be a bit much, and I find myself wishing for horizon-to-horizon cloud cover every once in a while.  Perhaps it's my Midwest upbringing, but there's something right about tilled brown earth and white, cottony skies for a season.  I love the opportunity to examine trees and marvel over the intricate lacy branches, set against a soft background.  I suppose incessant winter would get old too, but it might take me a while.  I'm glad we live in the high desert so we can enjoy four seasons, but I do reach a point in the summer when I'm just ready for a little bite to the breeze and a few more clouds. 

I'm very appreciative of the fact that our summer this year has been so mild, and it's probably contributed to the timing of this post (now, as opposed to the middle of July).  But as I hefted a large onion this morning at the grocery store, I found myself thinking, "This would be great in a big pot of stew..."


  1. Hehe I have started dreaming of apples and butternut squash... :)