Thursday, August 15, 2013

The 100th Post?

It's hard for me to really count this as my 100th blog entry, since I wrote 36 blog posts in 2009 and then took an extended break.  But Blogger doesn't count extended breaks, and it was kind of fun to take a look back at my life before kids.  It seems I had just as much love for Nathaniel Bowditch, although the "recipe with pictures" kind of post has taken a serious hit.  :)  I was a bit more ambitious in my recipes, but if I follow my advice and make it with farfalle, this one might be worth revisiting.  Roast chicken never grows old, although last night I made it with bread under the chicken (to die for, although less than healthy!).  I could probably recreate this picture quite easily without a baby to show for it.  :)

Of course some things have changed.  We ended up attending Northside for several years, but sadly it closed last fall.  We're very happy at our new church, and we're excited to see how God will use our time at Northside to prepare us for the future.  I've switched crafts, although I'd love to revisit my embroidery roots.  We have actually made progress on the house, both inside and out.  Perhaps I should say David has, since the bulk of it has been thanks to his efforts.  But the biggest change is the best, and most fun, and most delightful.  We're so excited to see the next addition to our family--here's hoping we get our match before the next 100 posts!


  1. Just saw this and am glad that you are blogging again! Hope you guys are well...and am sure your kiddos are so big now!

    1. Thanks! I started as a way to update people about our adoption, but it's been a great place to process my thoughts too. :) It's hard to believe how big they are, especially Luke, but I bet the same is happening with your bunch. How long till you have a teenager, or has it happened already?