Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Evidence

Over the last month, I've been dealing with things...bloating, nausea, picky eating habits, a lack of enthusiasm for leftovers, and a total aversion for Fiber One bars (don't ask). I'm hoping these things will only last another month, rather than another seven. For those of you who don't know (and haven't guessed yet), I'm eight weeks pregnant. Per the request of several people, here is the evidence (or lack thereof). By the time evening rolls around, I certainly feel big. And I definitely have clothes that I can't fit in any more. But it doesn't seem bad in the picture. :)I had my first pre-natal appointment on Friday. The bulk of it was spent talking with my certified nurse-midwife about how things are going and things I should and shouldn't do. I'm a pretty low-risk pregnancy (once I laid of the drugs and alcohol), but she did give me a prescription for chewable pre-natals. Yay! When I try to swallow pills, it's 50:50 whether it comes back up or not (I inherited a strong gag reflex), and I certainly didn't want to chance it with morning sickness in the picture. I've been taking Flintstones, which has the right amount of folic acid, but these will be a little more well rounded. No heartbeat this time, but that's fine because David will come to the next one and we can hear it together. Expect another picture in about a month's time!

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