Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I CAN Move My Arms...

I think I can, I think I can...but just typing this post is a stretch. I'm trying two new things this week: going to the gym every day, and trying a class every time I go. The gym thing I need to do anyway, and if I do a class, I'm there for a whole hour doing something. Yesterday I tried Intro to Pilates. It was okay, but I wasn't sure if I was doing things right, and I didn't really feel it today. I think if I kept going, I'd figure out what I need to do to make it 'work' for me. I will definitely be in pain tomorrow, though. I tried a class called Body Pump, which is basically lifting weights for an hour. My legs were shaking after the warmup. Bad sign. Now that I'm done, I feel like my arms might fall off, or my legs might give under me. But I can definitely see why people like it--the music is really upbeat, and I didn't have to wonder whether I was covering everything or not. It's nice to have a coach too, and to see everyone else doing it. I'll probably go again on Thursday. If I can move.

Comment time! I love comments, and today I want to hear about what you do to exercise. Are you a runner? do you go for gym classes? or just the treadmill/eliptical/whatever? Or maybe you're a swimmer? I'm curious to hear what works for you. I'm hoping this keeps working for me, since my mom says the better I'm in shape, the easier the labor. I'm game for that!


  1. Hi--

    I walk up and down steps at work. I'm on the fifth floor, and there are three sets of stairs in my building, one at each "corner" of the three-sided building. I go down two flights in one corner, then go up and down, walk to the next corner, go up and down, and then the next corner, and then up and down. Then I go all the way down to the basement, and go up and down in each of the corners again. This means I never have to do more than two flights at a time. Then I walk underground to the next building, go up four flights (yikes), and then walk back to my building and up two flights, go to the next corner and go up the remaining two flights. Got that? It takes about 30 minutes. I wish I had time to do it every day, but many days I work through lunch. Bye!

  2. You will laugh at this, Brittany, but our approach to fitness is to work with the Wii Fit program on our (new) Wii system. It allows you to choose a variety of Yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance exercises, logs your time, shows your progress in weight (loss, I hope!). It's something we can take with us and use over there as well. You can do it on your schedule and work as long or as short as you like. I'm currently aiming for 30 minutes every morning, starting with some Yoga stretches, then some aerobics, a bit of strength training and balance exercises, followed by a short Yoga cool down. I do like to exercise by swimming a bit, but I'm not always motivated enough to get over to the pool. I'm also very self-conscious, so doing it at home is nice.