Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Church

Today we went to The Foothills, which might be the last one on our list of 'close' churches. We forgot that it's a holiday weekend, and thought maybe we had the time wrong when we arrived and the parking lot was barely half full. We talked to someone afterward, and he said over the half the church was missing. Here's the run-down:

--Music was pretty low-key (guitar and piano), although it's hard to tell if most of the regular worship team was gone. I find it hard to believe anyone could preach on Jesus being our refuge and not sing A Mighty Fortress or The Solid Rock, but they did. I was tempted to ask if they ever sing hymns. :)
--The preaching was decent. The pastor preached about our freedom and citizenship in Christ (which would should have expected with the holiday weekend). It was interesting in that he preached about the cities of refuge from Joshua 20 and drew parallels to Jesus being our refuge. He seemed pretty personable and dynamic. I guess I'd rate second or third best of what we've heard? It'd be nice to hear a 'regular' sermon, but the next two weeks will be a guest speaker on the end times.
--Downsides? We talked to a guy after the service, and he said they went down from two services for the summer. I was wondering if they split the services into traditional and contemporary, then, so it's something we'd have to find out. It's a pretty big church, so we're wondering how we would be called to serve there. Not that you can't serve in a big's awfully nice to have rotating worship teams. :)

At this point, we're not SURE about any one church, but I do feel like we have some possibilities. I think we might do some return visits to get a better feel for a few of them, then we'll see. Still, I miss our old church!

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