Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Unnatural...but I'm LOVING It

Monday was a bad day. The high was 97 degrees, and when I got home from shopping at 5:30 (I go then so I can pick David up from work when I'm done), my dinner plans quickly changed. I had some cut up pork thawing in the fridge, but it was 93 degrees in the kitchen, and I was not spending one moment longer than I absolutely had to in that kind of heat. So we had tuna melts in the guest bedroom, which was a delightful 75 degrees from the window unit.
Tuesday was also hot, but that's because I had to stay in the main area of the house instead of the nice cool back bedroom. Why? There were people here all day...mostly in the garage, but every once in a while they'd poke their heads in the house and ask me something. They left a few things this:And this:

It may be unnatural, but whoever says you should go 'all natural' should have to spend a day in my house pre-AC. I have high hopes for the improvements this will bring to my life--less morning sickness, added energy, renewed focus... My blog posting had fallen off because if I didn't post something in the morning, nothing (not even you, dear reader) could keep me out at the computer and away from the AC in the back bedroom. And now, I can move about the house in total freedom!

Blessed, blessed coolth!

(And a shout-out to the first person who recognizes the source of that quote.)


  1. I love it, too! Quiet and comfortable.

  2. I totally know that quote! It's from, oh, that one about the lake... not "Half Magic" but, here I'll look it up..."Magic by the Lake"!
    Thrilled to hear about the AC.