Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Mourning

Yesterday I discovered that my t-shirts no long fit. Now my tummy definitely shows when I wear them. I could probably still get away with it, but I'm used to things fitting, and it's not really comfortable either. It's most distressing, because those were the last bastion of my wardrobe--the one thing I could still depend on. So today I went through my wardrobe. It was depressing.

If you ever see a pregnant woman with her belly showing or wearing a really tight fitting shirt, consider the small chance that perhaps she just hasn't had time to update her wardrobe.

I don't know if I just have a very well fitted wardrobe, or if the bloating/showing is worse because of my first pregnancy/body type/every woman is different (pick your reason). Or maybe it's that I don't like to show off yet(I tried on a skirt and top for church last week and asked David if it was okay--his response was "well, if you WANT to show off your belly...). My sister (and fashion consultant) would say it's because my shirts aren't long enough to begin with.

Still, it was kind of fun to go through everything in my closet. The best part was discovering clothes that I'd set aside because they didn't really fit (score!). Now they do...I found a black velour jumper that will be perfect right now. Super comfortable, and I can dress it up with one of my scarves. I also found several vests--when are those going to come back into style?The casual clothes didn't fair so well. The stack on the right is clothes I can wear (2/3rds of them are maternity). The stack on the left is ones that I can't. Coming from five years in a chemistry lab, I had a lot of t-shirts. :(Of course, David wears a medium T-shirt...I wonder if I can find any that don't have looney tunes on them? Or maybe it's finally time to go shopping. :)


  1. Never, Brittany, never. The vests are never going to come back into style. Unless you're Dr. Pemberton and you wear them with a pink blouse and cat paw earrings.

    So if your belly's grown to the point where your clothes don't fit do we get another picture? :)

  2. Next Friday will be 12 weeks...I'll post one then.