Sunday, February 23, 2014


I'd say that's about where we are in terms of leaving.  :)  We are 90% packed, 90% booked, 90% cleaned (thanks to dinner guests tonight).

We did the bulk of our packing yesterday, and I think all we have left are a few odds and ends (like my yarn...) and a few things for the kids.  We almost don't have enough stuff to pack in the suitcase, mostly because we have a super short list of clothes that we're bringing.  Well, that and they still have Wal-Mart in China.  ;)

The only thing we have left to book is our train ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, which will happen through our hotel in Hong Kong.  I do feel like we're flying a bit by the seat of our pants in terms of Hong Kong at this point, since I haven't really planned anything.  That might happen on the plane.  :)  Thankfully, you can get Lonely Planet China as an e-book from the library.

We're having some company over tonight for dinner, so that will help to get my house clean.  Maybe not everyone leaves their house like a tornado recently went through when they leave on a trip?  Ours isn't that bad, usually, but cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floor is usually pretty low on my trip check list (like, "do it if the stars perfectly align" low).

Company is also a good reminder that despite the momentous nature of this event, our life is still made up of little moments strung together, coming one by one and then moving on.  Like any life-changing event, you still have to live what comes before and after it.  In some ways, I'm just ready for our new normal to arrive.  :)  And it will certainly be here before we know it!

Still, two days in Hong Kong without kids will be something to be savor...

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  1. Praying for you as you head out to bring your baby girl home! Have a great time! Love from the Reus