Thursday, February 27, 2014

Made it!

We are in Hong Kong!  Before you read any further, I'd appreciate a quick prayer for David.  We had some nasty GI something hit Katie and me before we left, and it looks like David may have it too.  Right now we are still hoping it's just travel exhaustion combined with a mild version of what hit me.

So, back to our travel adventures.  Length alert!  We did a lot of traveling!

We flew out to Chicago Tuesday night and after a little delay with the flight and rental car, finally made it to my brother's home.  I had forgotten how bitterly cold 12 degrees felt like.  :)

My mom drove up the next morning with her treasure box of toys and things for Liz and to pick up the kids.  There were times in the last week when I'd think, "oh no, I don't have anything for Liz!"  And then I'd remember that my mom had it covered.  Thanks, Mom!  We packed it all up, had our last goodbyes with the kids, then we were sent off with a lovely prayer from my brother.

I was basically a basket case until we got through security.  Don't ask me's some uncontrollable flight or fight response that I have to airports.  But we made it with plenty of time to spare and even got to eat Big Bowl for lunch.

We had a direct flight to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific.  I'm not very well traveled on international airlines, but I'd say CP lived up to its reputation.  The food was great, the inflight entertainment was expansive, and since we have a lap child on the way home, we got the roomy bulkhead seats with the bassinet.  My only complaint is that they don't serve real butter with the bread.  :)

We made it to our hotel by around 9:45, and can I say that I'm soooo glad my friend talked me out of a hostel.  We called home and checked in with the kiddos (who are doing great), then crashed.  I slept a little better than David..he's more of a "when I wake up, I'm awake" kind of guy and doesn't love laying in bed the way I do.  He probably was starting to feel a little ill too, poor guy.  

He's sleeping in the bed next to me now (there are two slightly larger than twin sized beds in the room), and it's only 8:45 HK time.  It's a very gray day (at least from our bedroom window, so this might be a good reminder to relax on our first day and save the sightseeing for tomorrow.  My only real goals are to take the ferry across the harbor and the tram up to Victoria peak.  That and eat some yummy Hong Kong food!

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