Sunday, March 2, 2014


I'm afraid if I wait too long to post again, I won't feel like I can get caught up.  Of course, you are probably just waiting for tomorrow, just like I am.  :)

First, I apologize for the lack of pictures.  They are all on my camera, and I didn't think about how to get them from the camera to the iPad.  I do have one from this afternoon:

Here I am finishing up Liz's blanket on the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and yes, it is done.  :)

So, back to Friday morning.  David roused himself enough to do a little sightseeing in the morning.  We walked down to the Flower market and the Bird market, then wandered around a street market for a while.  We ate some potstickers for lunch, then just managed to get back before David nodded off to sleep.  I still think there must have been something going on besides jet lag, but whatever the reason, he slept all afternoon and still managed to go back to sleep at 7:30 (after some nice, hearty German food).

Birds at the bird market

You can also buy live grasshoppers at the bird market too.

The next day was our big sightseeing day.  We started off at the train station to get our tickets for today, then walked over to the harbor and followed the promenade all the way down to the ferry.  A short ferry ride and a meandering walk lead us to the Victoria Peak tram, straight up the side of the mountain to Victoria peak.  The views are supposedly spectacular, but let's just say the weather might be a reason late February is not peak tourist season.  

Cloudy harbor

On the ferry!

The cloudy peak

It's four in the morning here.  That's been my wake up time for the last few days, but my bedtime keeps getting later and later, so I hope this starts shifting too.  I gave up around 8:20 last night and went right to sleep.  

After taking the tram back down the peak, we took the ferry back across and found ourselves in the middle of some super high class shopping.  Of course at that point, all we wanted was some cheap food!  We wanted around until I spotted a sign for "Traditional Chinese Noodles."  Perfect!  The server dug out an English menu, and David and I shared a bowl of delicious soup/noodles.  I wish that shop was around the corner here in GZ...well, it might be, for all I know.  :)

We had a light lunch because our next stop was afternoon tea at the Penninsula Hotel.  This hotel was prominently featured in one of Mom's books, and it was pretty thrilling to sit in one of the chairs I'd only read about before.  This was also the first time I tasted a macaron that I really liked...I kind of wanted to ask for a box of them to take home. 

We went home and napped (well, David did), then had some Malaysian/Indian food at one of the restaurants around the corner from our hotel.  The next morning was pretty lazy--pastry for breakfast, then hang out in the room till checkout.  We had lunch at the train station (beef rendang for David, Chinese BBQ for me, then hopped on the train to GZ!

And here we are now, waiting.  We splurged at a nice Chinese restaurant last night (survived ordering with minimal language comprehension between parties), since we're not sure how well Liz will handle restaurants.  We ordered Peking Duck for the two of us, which I'm confident would have been enough for us.  But our server insisted we order a vegetable too...the first one she suggested was mushroom with tomato, and I tried to explain that David doesn't really like mushrooms.  So I pointed to the steamed vegetables in clay pot next, and she tries to explain that this also has mushrooms in it.  So then I tried to explain that I love mushrooms, and if there is a mixture of vegetables, we'll be okay.  Turns out it was about half mushrooms, but David ate the other things, and I enjoyed all the mushrooms for him.  

I hope we will be able to find some cheaper food (our guide mentioned going to the supermarket, which would be nice), but I also know we'll be gone before we know it, back to our normal life.  Well, our new normal...10 more hours till that arrives!

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