Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Magic Time

I have this magic time now in the early morning when I have both energy and free time (i.e. no kids) to get things done.  At first when we got home, I tried really hard to sleep longer, but it's kind of dull to lay in bed and not sleep, especially when you are thinking of all the things you could get done.  The last two nights have been better, so when Liz wakes up at 4:30 or 5:00, I just stay up and get started on my coffee.  :)

We survived all our flights and made it home to NM on Friday.  We didn't have a super restful night in Chicago (surprise, surprise), but it was nice to get a little sleep and to see my brother and his family before we headed back.  My sister picked us up at the airport, and my dear friend brought a delicious pot roast for dinner.

We got unpacked on Saturday and even managed to get all the laundry done.  Yay!  My mom has been a huge help with everything--dishes, putting away clothes, getting lunches, shopping--and my sister was able to hang out with us on Saturday and Sunday too.

It was wonderful to be back in church on Sunday.  Standing there with Liz in my arms, singing with our church family, I definitely had one of those future moments...the ones where you realize this little baby is yours forever.  I'm so excited to see her grow up in our church.  Many people at church have been praying for us as we traveled through this adoption journey, and it was exciting to finally introduce Liz to some of them.  They've also been bringing us meals--a huge help when you are tired and adjusting to three kids!

We took Liz to our doctor on Monday morning, and thankfully there were no surprises.  We figured we'd need to get her checked for the typical adoption stuff--vaccination titers, parasites, etc.--and we got referrals for the cleft-related things.  Liz was a little fussy in the afternoon after getting three shots, but she calmed down after a while.  I'm glad to say she's joined right into our evening routine, although the bath is a little full now!

Yesterday was the first day I didn't take a nap, and although I only made it through one song at choir by the evening, I feel like my sleep has finally turned a corner.  My mom took the kids out shopping (all three!) so I could work on our taxes (yuck), and then she and my sister took Katie and Luke out for Indian food so David and I could have a quiet dinner with Liz.

Reading with Grandma

The laundry basket was a big hit!

Horsey with daddy

She'll be walking in no time!

Reading with Aunt Susie (they were taking turns lifting the flap!)

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