Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 3

I figured that post was getting a little long...which is why I should try to post every day.  Well, onwards.

Look, I sleep just fine!

Day 3

Our scheduled appointment was not until 3pm, so we decided to do some exploring and shopping in the morning.  We walked up the street and looked around--the most interesting thing we saw was a walled park with many older people exercising.  They had one area with all sorts of exercise equipment, and then of course there were open areas where people were doing aerobics and tai chi.  We couldn't find a way in (and we didn't want to wander too far), so we looped around and headed towards the supermarket.  The bottom floor of building was all food stuff, but the upper floors was more like a department store...a very expensive one, as we found out after looking at the children's clothes.  We went back to the food floor empty handed, but did find some dried fruit snacks along with some instant oatmeal.  We headed back to the hotel and went around the corner to check out a noodle place that another adoptive family recommended.  The noodles were fine, but I bet the spicy ones were better.  Sigh.  Next time we'll get the dumplings.

Strolling at the shopping mall

David discovered that afternoon that her bottle was a good sleeping aid--when he got her on her side and let her keep the bottle, she stayed asleep.  Of course, we let her sleep too long, so that night she was wide awake until almost 10.  Oops.  The afternoon appointment was for her passport, and again, it was pretty straightforward.  I did get in trouble for taking a picture of them, and they asked me to delete it.

After the passport appointment

We tried some shawarma for dinner from a little street restaurant--the meat was good, but I waved off the tomatoes and greens (only cooked vegetables! Which immediately makes me want a salad...).  David wasn't feeling great, so we grabbed some chicken nuggets and headed back to the room.  Nothing lasting, thank goodness, and besides being wide awake till 10, Liz did fine too.

First taste of chicken nuggets!

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