Friday, March 7, 2014

More about Liz

I feel like I need to be blogging about what we do, since I'm already forgetting.  :p. But here's a bit about Liz to give you a break.

Her back is very ticklish.

She loves being thrown up in the air.

Her communication sound is something along the lines of "goo goo ga."

Her favorite thing to do in the elevator is push the buttons.  

Her fine motor skills are great...gross motor, not as good.  So lots of carrying!

She mimics us and has already learned to sign "more."

When she is hungry, she gets very cranky.

Falling asleep is still hit or miss.

She likes she loves her shoes!

She eats everything (so far).

She gets frustrated easily and isn't very patient when it comes to food.

She loves walking/running to and from us.

Books are definitely toys right now.

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